Locked down but not knocked down

Since we are still under lockdown, with no news on when gyms will open and contradicting messages about going out to go or ride your bike the home challenges continue.

Last week it was a race against time to see how many ab rollouts I could do in an hour. The ab roll out is an done with the help of an ‘ab wheel’.

There are lots of benefits and health positive effects to this exercise – especially since it trains lots of muscles at the same time. Check out how to, why, benefits and more on Home Training Hero’s site.

In short (still, picture) it goes something like this:

But since the kids are home and looking to be entertained, you could also try this*

To answer the question


A hop, skip and a jump

Well, more like skip, skip, skip, skip, skip skip skip… for 12 hours.

Having survived and recovered from Monday’s 24hours of spinning I was ready for another challenge- lockdown is nog lank.

As always, my snack game was strong but unlike Monday (when my wife fed me in the seat of the bike) you have to actually stop skipping to get anything into your mouth…

I started at sunrise (07:10) and finished at about 19:40 having taken a total of about 30mins to run to the bathroom, to eat and to tape up the rope where it actually broke due to friction on the floor.

12 more days of staying at home, what is next?

Photo blurry cause “can’t stop won’t stop”

Spinning around the clock

For someone who loves to do exercise and who goes out to ride at least 100km on a bike every week ‘lockdown’ confinement to our property has been very tough. I can’t sit still… so I decided to take on a challenge on Day 18 of Lockdown.

And not just any challenge but a 24hr spinning challenge. Yes, 24hours in the seat of the static bike, going nowhere slowly.

I prepared by making sure I had all the right snacks and energy drinks ‘cause unlike Pinky and the Brain I had plans for the day, the whole day.

I had the TV as a view and had to put a pillow on the seat about half way through, but I DID IT. Who’s next?

For a 25 hour day..?