Basic Chest Workout

1.  Basic Chest workout

Your chest (Pectoral muscles) consists of Upper Pecs, Middle Pecs and Lower Pecs. To train your chest properly, you need to train these groups separately.

A common complaint is that guys are very sore after a chest workout. Try these tips, to make training more pleasant.
a) Do not use weights that are too heavy for you.
b) Warm-up and cool down every time you train.
c) Train your rotator cuff muscle. These moves are not fun, but they have their place in your regimen.

a) For your Upper Pecs – do Incline Barbell press
Lie supine on an incline bench (positioned at 30° or the second clip) with your feet firmly planted on the floor. Keeping your shoulder blades retracted, have a training partner dismount the bar from the rack. Hold the bar over your chest with a wide overhand grip. Lower the weight to your upper chest under control. Pause, then press the bar up until your arms are fully extended. This is one rep.


b) For your Middle Pecs – do Dumbbell Press (flat)
Sit on a flat bench with dumbbells resting on our thighs. “Kick” the weights up to your shoulders while simultaneously lying back. Position the dumbbells to the side of your chest with your arms bent and forearms directly under the weights. Press the dumbbells up until your arms are fully extended, then lower the weights under control until there is a slight stretch in the chest.


c) For your Lower Pecs – do Dips
Mount a wide dip bar with your arms straight and shoulders above your hands. Bend your knees and hips slightly. Lower your body by bending your arms. If you lean slightly forward more emphasis will be placed on the chest. When a slight stretch is felt in your chest or shoulders push your body up until your arms are straight again. That is one rep. To increase difficulty you can add weight using a weight belt or weighted vest.